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American Legion Working Towards Proper Resources

"The American Legion continues to track and monitor all issues related to Military Sexual Trauma (MST). Every day, servicewomen and men experience MST, which includes any sexual activity against one’s will, or during a time when one is unable to consent to sexual activities while serving in the military.

The American Legion is deeply concerned with the plight of survivors of MST and continues to work with Congress to find the right treatment for every patient, while urging VA to be flexible to ensure these veterans receive the care they need.

The American Legion will work to ensure those who have become victims are treated, all while encouraging the U.S. Armed Forces to take steps to eradicate MST.

The American Legion Women and Minority Program will continue to urge VA to provide proper resources to all medical centers, Vet Centers and community-based outpatient clinics by employing MST counselors to oversee screening and treatment referral processes and continue researching MST to get a better understanding of services affected veterans need.

Additionally, The American Legion will encourage better awareness training in VA for MST sensitivity and develop more comprehensive care options for survivors, including better availability of female therapists, female group therapy and other options to make MST care more accessible." (American Legion)

MST: About Us
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