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Our Service Matters

Our Mission:

Empower, encourage, and educate all veterans across the State of Iowa from all war eras, branches and components of military service, regardless of their veteran service affiliation or status about the specific needs unique to women vets by providing resources, support and camaraderie while raising public awareness in local Iowa communities.

Our Vision:
Campaign for support and resources in local communities by utilizing and sharing available benefits and resources for women veterans, advocate for gender specific, world-class health and mental health care, and support a welcoming, inclusive and safe culture that honors all military service regardless of characterization.

Drive an action committee to support the grassroots involvement in local communities across Iowa by embracing the spirit of continued service of women veterans and providing a supportive environment with meaningful interaction while sharing common bonds.

Initiate a network of local women veterans using the resources and technology available today, while utilizing grassroots efforts by providing personal kindness and face-to-face contact while building essential working relationships that advance our mission.

Mission & Vision: About Us
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